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Find Experts with Elicit

Give Elicit a few names of people, then automatically get hundreds more people along with their profiles.

"We were looking to expand our media outreach efforts to highlight our organization's research, a time-consuming process. Elicit made it easier to market our research and build connections with contacts and organizations that align with our mission and interests. A task that would take me hours was reduced to minutes thanks to the extensive list of more than 100 contacts Elicit was able to provide."

Adrienne Thompson

Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University

"I was trying to find experts at the intersection of defense and technology to interview. I started with a list of 14. I wanted more perspectives but didn’t have time or even a good way of finding more people. I was also concerned about potential bias when relying so heavily on recommendations of friends and colleagues. Elicit took my starting list of 14 and gave me over 200 other people to consider. The LinkedIn snippets and URLs made it really easy to quickly decide who was a good fit. I ended up reaching out to another 30! I’m not sure how I otherwise would have so efficiently found people who fit such a complex set of criteria."

Michael Page

Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University

Ways to use Find Experts

Find research collaborators

Input a list of researchers, and get back more researchers along with their Google Scholar profile, citation count, organization, and top publications.

Find experts in a new domain

Understand a new domain quickly by brainstorming a list of experts you can reach out to. Get back their Google Scholar profiles, top publications, and LinkedIn profiles.

Find journalists

Brainstorm journalists and get back their MuckRack profiles, bios, and recent articles.

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